Everything is centralized with GLS, so there is no searching to learn what, when and where. With one 800-telephone call, we are well taken care of.

George M. Sirilla,

Intellectual Property Group of Pillsbury,
Winthrop, Shaw & Pittman; Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA

If a jeans company had not taken No Excuses for its name, I would suggest the motto for GLS. This is one of the most reliable reporting firms I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Joseph Sukup; Gruel, Mills, Nims & Pylman; Grand Rapids, MI

GLS has been my reporting firm of choice for over 20 years. Their record for accuracy is second to none, their dedication to the profession is immeasurable, and I most certainly appreciate the quick turnaround time.

John C. Buchanan, Trial Attorney, Buchanan & Beckering, Grand Rapids, MI

First and foremost, GLS reporters are accurate. I’ve also worked with them on cases in which there were many last-minute changes, and they’ve always managed to come through for us.

George Pazuniak, Patent Lawyer; Connolly, Bove, Lodge & Hutz; Wilmington, DE

I was immediately impressed with GLS’s ability to set up shop anywhere. They deliver on their promise to be wherever they are needed. That kind of flexibility is of great value in my work, and their turnaround time is fantastic.

Stephen S. Muhich, Labor/Litigation Section; Dykema, Gossett; Grand Rapids, MI